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Having window grills is an age-old practice that has been followed across the globe. What makes having iron grill bars still a trend is the benefit that they offer. As glass windows are more prone to natural calamities and breaking up leading to theft or intrusion, a simple iron window grill bar can protect you. They are a great natural ventilator providing you fresh air and their aesthetics.

Window grill designs have come a long way from simple straight steel grills to custom-crafted wrought grills. These grills not only protect window panes but are also personalized for rooftops and gates for the exact same reason.

You can get these shutters easily customized according to your needs. Choose the material and style depending upon your needs and preferences. Shutters are without a doubt a smart choice for any home.

Iron window grills are a part of our custom metal fabrication services and hence can be manufactured according to your needs. Based in Indore, we have thirty years of experience in making stainless steel grills, iron grill for roof, loha grill gate, and customized patterned grills.

So, if you have glass windows or want to give an extra layer of protection to your roof and gates, invest in installing metal grills at your place. Our experienced engineers and fabricators understand your needs and ease your apprehensions. Contact us to book an appointment today.

  1. The most added advantage of getting window grill fabrication is the exceptional security they offer to house owners without compromising with the design of the window
  2. Grill is highly capable of fortifying your windows without diminishing the visibility of your surroundings.
  3. Nowadays you can choose window grill design according to your room’s décor and add a vintage or aesthetic touch to your premice.
  4. Steel grill is an excellent source for proper ventilation with added security to your household.
  5. Adding velcro strips mosquito nets to your grill jali can safeguard you from insects, mosquitoes and lower the unwanted attention of anti-social people.

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